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From 4 color CMYK to single color and everything in between.  Plastics, cardstock, Tyvek, manifold and carbonless forms.  We can print on almost anything and are here to create a tag that fits your exact needs.



Insert eyelets/grommets and fiber patches.  Attach string, wire, and elastic.   Loop and tie the string (by machine or by hand).  We can finish your tag to complete the process and ship blind to your customer


Our customers range from other printers and print brokers, industrial suppliers and distributors, catalog houses, graphic designers, promotional suppliers and almost any other print business.



Paramount Press the was founded in 1938 in Arvada Colorado. Since its inception,  tags have been its focus.  In the 1980's,  we started focusing on the custom tag market.  Our speciality is producing customs tags  on Card Stock, Tyvek , Plastics with Eyelets (grommets), Patches, String or Elastic and lamination with a quick turnaround time, exceeding expectations and a close working relationship with our customers. Over the years we have discovered many customers need "generic tags" that do not require customization so we began the Tag SuperStore to accommodate to meet that niche.  We have an experienced team of employees that have been with the company for a very long time and are experts in producing high quality tags. If you are in the market for pre-made basic tags The TagSuperstore is the answer.  If you need more customization,  (usually wholesale) Paramount Press is your solution.  We always answer our phone and are available to answer any question.  We look forward to assisting you anyway we can.

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